1.Doi Mae Salong

Chiangrai province land of tea plantations, hidden with chinese culture whether dress or food, especially that food will be very famous like yunnan pork leg served in a large plate and must eat side by side with the jar even though it is called the original another thing you can’t miss is trying pure tea as well as watching how to brew the original tea. Which travel is convenient if there is a chance at the end of this year try to visit the cold atmosphere, watch the beautiful scenery with warm tea and cherry blossom trees from January to March.


2.Kew Mae Pan Nation trail Doi Inthanon

Kew Mae Pan nature trail there is a walking distance of 3 kilometers at an altitude of 2,000 meters from sea level. It takes 2-3 hours to walk. The path is circular. The cost of entry is 200 baht per group. During the walk, a local guide will guide you along the way. Walking in Kew Mae Pan is easy to walk. With a slight steep slope considered suitable for newbies. The weather is still cold and pure. The right time is from December to January.


3.Doi Samer Dao

The most romantic place of Nan located in Si Nan national park area. High from the sea about 888 meters, but can see the view of the peak, along with the nan river below can see both sea mist, sea stars, sunrise and sunset.


4.Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

Phitsanulok province with a height of 1,262 meters above sea level. Looks like a stone courtyard, the same size expected to be caused by the natural erosion of the rock. 4 kilometers away from the Phu Hin Long Kla national park office. Cold weather throughout the year, an average of 18-25 degrees Celsius. During the cold season, the temperature reaches 4 degrees Celsius.


5.Doi Huai Miang

Mae Hong Son province, about 1,600 meters above sea level the area is rainforest, complex steep mountains filled with many kinds of plants. Happiness is to experience nature at the view point that can be seen. In the cold weather and cool wind blowing. With the highest Doi Thong, can see the sea of ​​fog sunrise but have to walk up to 400 meters.


6.Phu Kradueng National Park

Loei province, is a sandstone mountain is a large plain with a height of 400-1,200 meters above sea level, the highest point is at Kok Moie area. Height from sea level 1,316 meters, cool weather all year round during the winter, temperatures can be as low as 0 degrees Celsius. Traveling through the park will allow you to walk up from 7 am to 2 pm every day. After 2 pm, will not allow walking up because the walk takes 4-5 hours. Open for tourism from 1 October to 31 may every year. And close the tour from 1 June to 30 September every year to restore nature. The highlight in the winter is to walk into the forest to see the beauty of the plants. Especially red maple leaves, walking to watch the sunrise at Nok Aen cliff, watch the sunset at Mak Duk cliff or if it is good have to walk to see the western end of the land like Lom Sak cliff, the key landmark of Phu Kradueng national Park.


7.Khao Phanoen Thung (Kaeng Krachan National Park)

Phetchaburi province the peak is 1,207 meters above sea level. The viewpoint of the sea of ​​fog will have 2 locations, which are 30 and 36 kilometers of viewpoints. For the time being, the sea of ​​fog is recognized as beautiful as well as the coolest weather. Is from November close the tour from 1 august to 31 October every year.


8.Doi Mon Chong

Chiangmai province, high in the top 10 of the highest mountain in Thailand, the highest point of Doi Mon Chong, called Hua Sing because it looks like a lion’s head. Is another place to watch the sunrise, beautiful sunset plus the night can still count the stars and the cold weather especially during the winter months of December – January. The thousand-year-old rose blooming full of hills it is considered the largest in Thailand. Open for tourism from November to February 15, after which the tour will be closed.


9.Mo Hin Khao, Phu Lan Kha National park

Chaiyaphum province, another name Stonehenge Thailand, there is a story that people have seen 5 large stones with white light shining up. The old man at that time called here that Mo Hin Khao. Is a natural rock garden which is caused by the accumulation of sediment, sand and clay hardens into rocks, the characteristics of various groups of rocks are caused by the movement of the crust, compressing until the arc is broken, vertical and horizontal erosion. At night, can watch the stars in the cold weather.


10.Phu Chi Fa National Park

Chiangrai, the highest peak in the Doi Pha Mon mountain range, On the border with Thailand – Laos is one of the most beautiful views of the mist and sunrise in Thailand. With a height of about 1,628 meters above sea level. It is characterized by peaks that point to the sky, see the Mae Kong River winding among the green forests of Laos, which are completely green the length of the cliff is extended to the coast of Laos. In winter, the weather is very cold, the best time to visit is from December to January. Phu Chi Fa route will pass through the pink cherry blossom forest.


11.Huai Khok Mu, Suan Phueng

The westernmost mountain of Ratchaburi province, 800 meters above sea level, located on a high mountain is a border area adjacent to Myanmar. Visitors can see the beautiful landscape of the Ta Nao Sri Mountains. When overlooked in Myanmar will see large trees and abundant rainforest. Is the point of watching the sunrise and sunset another beautiful place in Thailand.


12.Chang Phueak Mountain

Kanchanaburi province, with a height of approximately 1,249 meters from the average sea level, is a beautiful hiking trail exciting and thrilling. When he reaches the top of the mountain he can see the 360-degree view. The tourism authority of Thailand gives this place as one of the 10 dream destinations that tourists should visit the most as well. Going up will limit the number of days and not more than 60 people. Must book 7 days in advance. It takes about 6 hours on foot. The distance is 8 kilometers. Hold on top of the mountain for 1 night.


13.Phu Huay Isan

Nong Khai province, a sunrise spot and the misty sea, far-reaching, below can see the islands of the Mekong River. While the route can see the sea of ​​fog about 2 points is the highest viewpoint that is the area of ​​Ban Muang and another point is the area of ​​Kua Mai Nam. Each point has a different view. The suitable period is during the winter from 05:30 am. – 08.00 am.


14.Doi Luang Chiang Dao

Chiangmai province, with a height of 2,225 meters, is the highest peak 3 of Thailand. If coming up to the top of Doi Luang Chiang Dao you will find another 2 hill in front that is Doi Sam Phi Nong and Doi Pee Ra Mid. If fortunately, it may meet with the deer in the big forest. In the night of Doi Chiang Dao will see the beauty of the stars full of the sky and the light of the moon is the most romantic and classic image. And early in the morning will find a misty sea that spreads over the forest by having the sun to give light. Before entering Chiang Dao district, submit a request for permission and pay a fee. Or compensation at the Chiang Dao district office first, allowing a maximum of 150 people per day (including leaders and totals).


15.Pang Ung

Mae Hong Son province, another name is “Switzerland of the north” the area is a large reservoir on a high mountain peak. The main highlight is to wake up to see the sunrise. The popular tourist activity here is rafting, watching the scenery and the surrounding atmosphere. The atmosphere of the night here is quiet and beautiful. Especially those who like to watch stars guaranteeing that you will be able to see the stars in the sky for sure.


16.Mo Ko Ju Mountain , Mae Wong National Park

Kamphaeng phet province, located 27 kilometers from the park office takes 5 days to return is a hiking trail the most difficult in Thailand. There is a lot of fog on the hilltop. Especially during the winter. Looking from the top of the mountain, you will see the mist of the west forest. And can not miss the point that adventurers have to take a memorial on the top of the Mo Ku Ju, that is stone shaped like a sailboat.


17.Phu Lang Ka Forest park

Phayao province, about 900-1,720 meters above sea level, is a steep mountain resting in the east-west direction like a pan, in the morning, there is a chance to see the sea of ​​fog floating around the area. The attractions that should not be missed are “Phu The Wa Da” is the highest mountain peak is the point of viewing the sea of ​​clouds the rising sun and beautiful wildflowers.


18.Thung Salaeng Luang national park

Phitsanulok province and Phetchabun province, with an area of ​​789,000 unit, is considered the only savannah forest area in the north that is still fertile. It is very suitable for camping tents and enjoying the view of nature and cold weather. Which the terrain is mountainous, large, complex etc. many streams that flow into the Nan river as well. The best time for traveling during the months of November – February, which is cold. During the rainy season June – October will have a green and fresh atmosphere.


19.Mon Thu Le

Tak province, the highest peak in Tha Song Yang district, 1,350 meters above sea level, another name is called “Thu Le Kho” which means “Golden mountain”. Because in the period from November to January the green fields on the mountains will change to a glittering golden color beautiful in the midst of the mist and the cold weather.


20.Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park

Chiangmai province, with a total area of ​​approximately 524 square kilometers, with an altitude of 400–2,285 meters above sea level the general forest condition is fertile and is the source forest of the fang river. The viewpoint can see the beautiful sea of ​​mist gradually moving through the mountains. The national park will close the top of Doi Pha Hom Pok between July 1 and September 30 of each year.


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