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Big bike rental chiang mai

Open here for car rental and motorbike or big bike rental service in Chiang mai. It has been in business for over 30 years since 1985, with new car updates all the time and vehicle inspected regularly. You can be confident that our cars are a new car from the center and good quality at reasonable prices. We provide motorbike hire Chiang mai service. There is recommend motorbike rental able to respond to the needs of clients best.

6 simple steps to renting a vehicle

The first step, A customer can choose your favorite vehicle at a difficult price such as a Big Bike are Touring, Road bike, Dirt bike, Cruiser, Sport or Big Scooter.
The second step, If a customer already chooses a favorite vehicle, you should’ve checked a vehicle before leaving whichever Wheel, Start the engine, and you must take a photo in an important point to protect yourself when you return a vehicle and have a problem.
The third step, Submitted information for rant a car example
Thai people; need to give ID cards, driver licenses.
A foreigner; needs to give a passport.
The fourth step, Fill the information for rent a car and pay a car rent and insurance (insurance depends on a size of an engine) you can ask more information and discuss this with us about this once again. Which bail you will get it back when you return a car.
Note : remark; incase of you need to rent a car to another country such as Laos, Myanmar (a price of rent a car and insurance will be multiplying two and need to rent at least 7 days)
the fifth step, Our shop will issue the documents for the customer’s rental but the client needs to keep it and take documents on the day you return a car
Note : documents are more information for rent a car example rent date, return date, total.
The sixth step, the Client can choose helmets for free or we have different types of helmets for borrow 300 baths per trip including jacket bags and any items.

Process of return back a car rent

Please return a car at the shop then bring the documents that we gave it to you when you rent a car at a counter. after that, we will check a car and return bail to you.

Note : If have any scratch or something else, our shop needs to deduct from a bail that you paid for the first time.

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