Chiang Dao lies above the Menam Ping gorge on the green slopes of Doi Chiang Dao Mountain. The name means “City of Stars”, and derives from its earlier name Piang Dao, or “(at the) level of the stars”. True to the name, limestone peaks reaching a height of 2,186 m (7,174 ft) make Chiang Dao an impressive area. Chiang Dao is the third highest mountain in Thailand. The village is a quiet little picturesque area, with a quaint northern Thailand feel. It’s located in Chiang Dao national park.

In a lush, jungle setting in the shadow of a mighty limestone mountain, Chiang Dao offers many attractions including elephants, hill tribes, hot springs and caves as well as stunning mountain scenery.

About 80km from Chiangmai on the 107 it is a scenic one day trip, or can be incorporated as part of a longer tour.

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