Is the first thing to think about regardless of whether the driving distance is near or far you have to put it for safety. The helmet’s style will indicate your taste. There are many types of helmets.

1.Half face  Is the most commonly used because it is easy to wear but the disadvantage is that the hat has very low protection performance is a cap that protects only the crown of the head Which, if there is an accident, it can hardly help prevent anything And not suitable for driving at speeds exceeding 50 kilometers per hour

2.Open face  Is a helmet that protects both the head with windscreen and no windscreen. Is a helmet that is suitable for city driving or medium-term travel because it gives a very wide view, easy to see, turn left, turn right, convenient The downside is that there is no protection on the chin area and the wind can roll back under the chin. Which causes the eyes to dry easily.

3.Full face  Is the safest helmet Protect both the head all face closures only see the nose and eyes. Popular  with Bigbike. Suitable for driving on the racetrack and is designed to be suitable for driving at high speeds – very high.

The downside is that wear is quite difficult and may be uncomfortable for those unfamiliar. The price depends on the properties of the hat. May easily change the mitt Washable, washable gloves. There are sunglasses on the 2nd floor. Can be fitted with cloth sheets. There are many vents, etc. Another important factor is the material used to make caps. The more light weight. The price of the hat will be more expensive.

4.Modular The outer image is seen as a full-face helmet. But has the ability to lift the chin helmet to become an open face with ease of use and still safer than normal open-face hats but there are disadvantages: this type of hat is quite heavy because there are quite a lot of mechanisms.

5.Motocross helmet Is a hat that is suitable for driving off the road. The body of the cap will have a chin area extending more than other hats. Due to the accident that caused most. The driver’s chin often hits the ground frequently. Therefore, the front area of ​​the cap is added to the length. So that the driver’s chin does not hit the helmet. This type of cap does not have a windscreen. But designed to be able to wear glasses with a hat for ease of use and still have a top cap act as a sun visor and covering mud.

6.Semi-Motocross Helmet, Touring Adventure Will look like a motocross hat but in the part of the glasses, it turns into a windscreen as well, instead of a full helmet. Most of these types of hats are equipped with inner sunglasses. For ease of use, similar to the chin helmet style, Popular in long distance.


Choosing a packet, what you need to consider is must choose to match the weather which Thailand is a hot city the jacket must be qualified. Comfortable to wear, lightweight Good ventilation, fast drying, easy maintenance Durable,  well protected And if able to add a card to increase security, it will be very good.


It’s a small device that shouldn’t be overlooked. Because  when the accident occurred. The first thing that first touches the ground is our hands. Therefore, the glove has a duty protect, reduce injuries Not to scrape or scraps UV protection. The selection of gloves is very important. The first is to try both sides. Must not be too loose or too tight must fit with the hand, with flexibility. There are 2 types of gloves: short gloves. And long gloves.

Short-cut gloves can be divided into 2 types: fabric and leather, which the fabric is better to ventilate.
Long gloves will look like a movie Suitable for long trips or use to compete in the field.


Counted as one device that is indispensable in addition to your cool style it also helps to prevent you from missing things.

There are 2 types of shoes used for driving a motorcycle.

1. Long motorcycle riding boots (Used on the racetrack) most motorcycle boots are used in high-speed racing tracks. Protect the feet, ankle, astragalus, and toes to minimize injuries when accidents occur.

2. Motorcycle riding boots (short) is a motorcycle shoe designed to control gears and brakes in driving on the road.

           However, choosing shoes must be chosen according to preference. Your style according to actual use the materials used are available in both leather, plastic and steel according to the price required.In addition, there are other recommended motorcycle shoes and should be the top choice is boots. That emphasizes the rawness of the wearer with a cool leather jacket and a good denim . This type of shoe is designed to increase driving performance. With both black and brown leather including the length of the shoes that range from the knees to the knees to protect the legs from the heat of the exhaust and the engine.There is a solid steel inside, mounted on the foot and heel.  Which helps to change gears easier. There are both a rope tie and an ankle strap. More than that is still beautiful can walk comfortably as well as general leather shoes as well.

            These accessories and clothes regarded as another fashion trend to watch that will help increase the charm of the driver raise the level of coolness looks good with style in the way that each driver likes for bikers in various forms and the most important is safety.

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