Chiang Mai is a province of Thailand and foreign tourists who travel a lot. Of course, over the years to come. Chiang Mai has a restaurant and accommodation services as well. To meet the needs of tourists seems to be increasing dramatically every year .

In addition to the businesses we spoke at the beginning, there are also car rental business seems to have car rental shop Many more things together. But most often it is a small car that offers only small, if we say that a car is another business that has been popular in Chiang Mai, it’s not. The Chiang Mai is a province takes quite a long time and most tourists chose to ride the bus or travel by plane, then to choose car hire in San Francisco lose most. Because of the many convenient and cheap rent a car, it does not cost too much.

Car rental shop at the big stores there are several car rental price depending on how much a customer’s budget. The process of renting a car, it seems that the tour would not have anything much hassle. Just use the ID card and a deposit. This traveler was able to rent a car to travel anyway. But a car rental shop, it could take some credit card instead of cash deposit with it. The rental car before we were able to contact the car rental shop before. Those who prefer to travel during the long weekend and did not want to take risks with full accommodation. Car Rental Rate in price to fit out. We recommend that you make reservations several months in advance to ensure that you can travel with peace of mind and also in Chiang Mai on a budget and planning travel in full course.